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Sessional Business Coach/Mentor

Receive personalized coaching tailored to your small business needs. Our experienced consultants will work with you to develop strategies for growth, overcome challenges, and achieve your business goals. 

Sessions are a total of 50 minutes.

Cost: C$100 per session.

Basic Business Strategy & Coaching

Basic Business Strategy & Coaching Service Package (Recommended Minimum of 3 months/Paid Monthly, cancel anytime.)
• Service Strategy Development: Assistance in defining service goals, target audience, and strategy.
• Planning: Guidance on service delivery, including structure and process.
• Basic Branding Assistance: Suggestions for service name, tagline, and basic branding.
• Platform Setup: Assistance in setting up necessary platforms or tools.
• Goal Setting and Accountability: Assistance in setting SMART goals and providing accountability for progress.
• General Coaching and Support: Regular meetings and email support for questions and guidance.

** Weekly sessions will be scheduled manually to accommodate your changing schedule.

Cost C$1000 per month.

A Step-by-Step Guide

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Standard Business Strategy & Coaching

Standard Business Service Package (Minimum 3 months/Paid Monthly, cancel anytime.)
• All services from Basic Business Strategy & Coaching , plus:

• Strategy & Marketing Plan creation.
• Service Delivery Support: Assistance in service execution, including content creation or delivery preparation.
• Advanced Branding Assistance: Custom design work and branding consultation.
• Marketing Strategy Assistance: Guidance on promoting the service through various channels.
• Monetization Strategies: Guidance on monetizing the service through different revenue streams.
• Research alternate funding (Grants).
• Platform Optimization: Coaching on optimizing platforms for service visibility and reach.
• Quality Optimization: Tips for improving service quality.
• Regular Check-ins: Scheduled coaching calls for progress review and issue resolution.

** Weekly sessions will be scheduled manually to accommodate your changing schedule.

Cost: C$1700 per month.

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